I work with SDL Trados Studio 2011.

‟Floris shows he understands the importance of his work to our organisation very well (...) As for the quality of his translations, I can be brief: there's nobody we know who's more capable of doing translating and proofreading work for us and do it not only technically correctly, but also in the desired style.” - Danny Mekic, NewTeam

‟We have been very pleased with the high standard of translation and localization we received from Floris. Accuracy, forward thinking, skill and professionalism are very important to us when outsourcing translation and copywriting. Floris has proven to have all of these skills.” - Ryan Kelley

‟Added extra insight and modified the job intelligently to accommodate differences in language I was unaware of. Great job.” - Michael Yates, Weebly

‟Communication and clarification was excellent. Job was delivered ahead of deadline with accuracy. Highly recommended.” - Ryan Kelley

‟I can confirm that he is a man of great integrity, is extremely dedicated to his work, and is a perfectionist.” - Jamie Bell, Powerful Vision Ltd.

‟It is my opinion that Floris has done outstanding work and he carried [himself] in a very professional manner throughout the projects.” - Robert P. Frégeau, Linguistica

‟I have found Floris Franssen to be reliable, fast and very concerned about the quality of the text delivered. I would recommend him highly without reservation, for any translation mandate.” - Andreas Hassel, Prezenz

‟Floris is very professional. I highly recommend him and I would definitely work with him again in the future.” - Daniel Ben-Nun, Inkkas Phuyupata Shoes

Client feedback

‟Thanks so much. It's great to work with a person of your caliber of thought.” - Daniel Ben-Nun, Inkkas Phuyupata Shoes

‟I find your translation really close to the original text in terms of tone and the "je ne sais quoi" sparkle you mentioned on your website. This is exactly what I am looking for.” - Christopher Wong, Aesense/Le Cosmétologue

‟I really appreciate your sense of duty.” - Christopher Wong, Aesense/Le Cosmétologue

‟Our thanks for your utmost care!” - Solomon Anderson, Powerful Vision Ltd.

‟I just want to say you have done outstanding work. Thank you.” - Robert P. Frégeau, Linguistica

‟You charge way too little for your excellent services.” - Lou van Liebergen, Thuglife Solutions

‟Thank you very much for the great job!” - Jessica Blocher, Magflags

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